Like or Dislike of condo floor plan

 This is one of my Technology assignment, i post them to my blog, because i want to share the dislike and like of condo floor plan.

I like the condo design, because the doors face the dinner room and living room that make people sense the place lager. And the most thing I likes is the bathroom, even though there is only one bathroom, it still open the door for visitors that they can use the bathroom by not across the bedroom. For the dinner room and living room, I think it too crowd, because the kitchen take too much space, thus the living room too small. →




I like the Condo design, because there have two big bedrooms; and I also like the storage which is very important for tenants to organza their substances. But there only one bathroom, that will bring the inconvenient for tenants when one in bathroom and other one also want use the bathroom.




I like the condo plans, because the designer make all spaces useful and distributes spaces for each place, such as there have two big bedrooms, two bathrooms and two big closets. The only thing I don’t like is the dining room are near the door of bathroom that will make me feel uncomfortable.→



That is good condo design, because in that small space, 835 Sq. it also design two bedrooms, two bathrooms and everything should have. However I don’t really like this design. Firstly, when the visitors come to the apartment the door of bathroom is face them; I think it will feel visitors feel bad. Secondly, the bedroom of the top left corner which is too far for goes to bathroom, people who live in that room has across dinner room and kitchen, then arrive the bathroom.→



The only thing I like for the condo design is the kitchen, because there use open kitchen which can save the spaces; and there combine the kitchen and the dinner room at a small space which also save the spaces. The first thing I don’t like of the condo floor plan that is the entry door is meet a wall, when people come in the apartment they see a wall face them that will make they have short view for the apartment. The second thing I don’t like is the bottom-left corner, the space that out of bathroom, there nothing and I think that space should be useful and cannot waste.→



I like the condo floor plan. There has a bathroom can for public and also near the bedroom; and there use the spaces proper; and there has big terrace which is my favourite. The only things should be change is the kitchen, I think the kitchen can make creative just like last one we see which is combine the dinner room and kitchen perfect.→




The condo floor plan has two bathrooms for public, which is good when there has many visitors. And the condo floor plan uses every space and not waste any spaces and it also make storage which is so convenient for tenants. However, the door of the bathroom is face to the dinner room, if I seat at that dinner room I can’t eat anything.→


This condo floor plan is my favourite. There have two bathrooms and two bedrooms and even one of the bathrooms is for public and it still near the bedroom. The all spaces are useful and not waste any spaces. Only thing I don’t like is the dinner room, there is little crowd.




At my Gr.11 Technology class, we designed apartment and we have to use Auto CAD to draw my apartment.

We never use the Auto CAD before, thus my Teacher let us to draw a Mountain Cabin Scene with Guide book which can tech you step by step.


The graph is my Mountain Cabin Scene. I draw this by followed the Guide book. After i finished this, i almost get how to use AutoCAD; it’s really helpful to new users.

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This is my APARTMENT, i spent two weeks to draw this. This a 800 square feet apartment, it has two bedrooms ans two bathrooms; and all furniture are showed. All furniture provide by the system of AutoCAD. A good condo floor layout everything, the name of spaces, the size of spaces and details of furniture.