This is my bungalow, which was made by 3D Google Sketch up.  1 2

From those pictures, there shows my bungalow has two bedrooms and two bathroom, kitchen, living room, dinner room, and the center place which is relax place.



For this pictures, there has stairs besides the living room, that stairs is the only way to going to basement.

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Those pictures shows the roof of my Bungalow, and there has a glass window in my roof which can make the people of inside bungalow can get light and sunshine.


How to use Google Sketch Up to build a house


1. Open Google SketchUp. Choose a template.

2. Paste down a rectangle.

3. Use the Push/Pull tool to make the rectangle 3D.

4. Create another rectangle on one of the faces of the shape, preferably the long side of the rectangle. Use the Push/Pull tool to push in the door a little. Erase the bottom line of the rectangle.

5. Use the circle tool to create windows on the side of the shape. Use the select tool to click on the circles. Click delete on your computer keyboard.

6. Expand the height of the building with the Push/Pull tool. Use the line tool to click on a place on the lines of the building. Drag the line to the midpoint of the top of the building. Click on the same spot again and then drag the line downward until you see a line that crosses the first dot to the dot that you’re dragging down.

7. Use the Push/Pull tool to push back the lines until you see the word offset.

8. Click on Windows and then Materials. Use Brick and Cladding and then Roofing to finish the building.


Reflection: For My Technology class, we learned how to use Google Sketch Up to Draw a 3D bungalow. Those information help me to build my Bungalow, I hope it can help people who are learning Google Sketch Up.